65 Customer Service Interview Questions for Remote Teams

The information you collect will need to be entered into the computer so you will need to feel… As our Customer Service Representative, you’ll work as needed (Must be available Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays, and Call-Offs. No exceptions.) to help our patients check into the hospital.

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  • But finding a remote customer support job isn’t always easy.
  • Prior experience in Customer Success or equivalent experience in increasing customer satisfaction, adoption, and retention.
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We operate in a fully remote work environment – work from anywhere globally. Able to join our team for 30+ hours per week and work flexible hours depending on your current time zone. Strong technical skills or the ability to learn quickly. Proven track record of managing customer escalations, balancing what is remote customer service customer expectations, and negotiating successful resolutions. Work with customers to establish critical goals, key performance indicators, and aid the customer in achieving their goals. Own relationships with customers, including increasing adoption, ensuring retention and maintaining satisfaction.

Customer Success & Support Specialist

Patients need you to be there for them and listen carefully to ease their anxiety. You’ll ask follow-up questions and build rapport in real time.

This week’s remote jobs and remote work stories straight to your inbox. When your team knows how to address the multiple types of customer complaints appropriately, you’ll build customer loyalty that ensures shoppers will return to your brand again in the future. If you’re interested in a work from home customer service job and meet the qualifications and requirements, check for current openings in your area.

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When candidates answer the same questions, you can then compare how they responded and make an informed decision that has less hiring bias. Customer service interview question templates are also great if you have team members who are not used to the interview process because it provides them with a roadmap to follow. As a work from home representative, you’ll deliver a positive experience that solves customers’ challenges in one call. While working to resolve issues, you’ll also help drive sales on products and services that will keep them happy and connected. Your excellent customer service and communication skills will help us create positive experiences for our customers and clients. 6 months or more of customer services experience. Recognize, apply and explain your product or service knowledge.

If you’re getting irrelevant result, try a more narrow and specific term. If you’re hoping to find a job where you can use your people skills while working from home, one of these jobs could be the right fit for you. Customer support jobs are naturally suited to remote work since the work is mainly done via computer and phone. But finding a remote customer support job isn’t always easy. You might think it’s just a matter of sending out your resume and waiting for the magic to happen—but it’s not. The truth is that the competition for remote jobs is pretty stiff these days, especially if you’re applying for a role that’s in high demand.

State agencies and their vendors shall only be able to refer clients to certified sober homes

Gavin Foundation President/CEO John McGahan was interviewed as part of their report. According to Stephen Powers, he has seen sober residences where avaricious landlords cram hundreds of men into cramped, filthy apartments. Many of the men are ex-heroin users, while others are alcoholics in recovery. When banks refused to lend them money, the brothers maxed out their credit cards and borrowed money from family to put down a deposit on an abandoned two-story property on Strawberry Avenue in Lynn. Calls to our helpline (non-facility specific 1-8XX numbers) for your visit are answered by Rehab Media.

  • Members meet to discuss accreditation standards and perform regular site visits to each accredited home to ensure a safe environment and proper supervision.
  • Sober living home information is provided by sober house operators.
  • Rehab and other substance abuse facilities treating those with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder administer psychiatric treatment to address the person’s mental health issue in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
  • Taunton’s sober living community is known for their collaboration and leadership efforts with the city to assist those in recovery looking for sober houses in Lowell, and many private organizations.

Middle steps including making direct amends to those who’ve been hurt by the addiction, and the final step is to assist others in addiction recovery in the same way. 12-Step offshoots including Narcotics Anonymous , Cocaine Anonymous , Dual Recovery Anonymous , Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous . Many of those suffering from addiction also suffer from mental or emotional illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety disorders. Rehab and other substance abuse facilities treating those with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder administer psychiatric treatment to address the person’s mental health issue in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Please join us to raise funds in support of our adolescents in recovery. Dennis Gomez, 32, a recovering drug user from Roxbury, moved into the Strawberry Avenue house six months ago after serving three and a half years in prison for cocaine distribution. He said it benefited him in reconnecting with relatives and restoring his life. Chelsea’s House was named after Robert “Chelsea Bob” Hinckley, a former ironworker and recovering alcoholic who served as an inspiration to many in the underprivileged neighborhood where the Powers brothers grew up. Chelsea’s House has expanded from humble beginnings to four facilities—three in Lynn and one in Chelsea—and currently rents rooms to around 60 recovering men, ranging in age from 18 to 75. The vast majority are parolees who have previously served prison sentences for drug possession, robbery, and other petty offenses. Governor Charlie Baker has proposed expanding access to long-term care in order to tackle opioid addiction, which claims four lives in the Bay State every day.

  • Please join us for our Open Hearts Open Homes Benefit on Thursday, June 30, 2016.
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  • So far, 25 sober house residences have received this designation, including Chelsea’s House.
  • Grant funds will help create 10 new sober housing units for senior citizens with mental health needs at Mendes Monteiro House in Dartmouth.

Residents pay rent either weekly or monthly, generally out of their own pockets. Each individual occupant of 68 Hooper Street pays $115 weekly in exchange for a bedroom and the right to share the rest of the house for as long as he lives by the Oxford House principles. Individual occupants have no property interest in the house, which is owned by MSHC. Although the lease is in the name of the Oxford House unincorporated association, and the individual occupants are members of Oxford House, the right of any occupant to remain in the house is subject to the house rules and the vote of the group. MSHC also attempts to draw fine legal distinctions between Oxford House residents and lodgers. Contrast 1010 Memorial Drive Tenants Corp. v. Fire Chief of Cambridge, 424 Mass. at 663, 677 N.E.2d 219 . Group therapy is any therapeutic work that happens in a group (not one-on-one).

MASH Certified Sober Homes

An Oxford House facility generally requires a sufficient number of residents both to serve as a peer support group for fellow residents in recovery and to carry the expenses of maintaining the property. Sometimes, consumers in Massachusetts don’t understand the difference between a recovery residence—the state-licensed entity—and a sober home, Jacobs says. Without certification, unethical operators of sober homes can present themselves as providing treatment. The new law offers a way massachusetts association of sober housing of letting people—especially parents—know that there will be hot water, and what the fee structure is. Sober homes, on the other hand, are not licensed or funded by the state. Historically, they have been like “whatever anybody wanted them to be,” says Vicker V. DiGravio III, president and CEO of the Association for Behavioral Healthcare , a statewide behavioral health providers association. DiGravio says ABH, which has members that operate sober homes, strongly supports the new law.

massachusetts association of sober housing

A .mass.gov website belongs to an official government organization in Massachusetts. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ Any resident who drinks alcohol or uses drugs must be immediately expelled.


CCRI grant recipients must be 501c3 non-profit organizations and matching funds must be provided. All proposals and applicant qualifications are stringently reviewed and vetted by MassHousing. Sober Living Houses , aka sober homes or halfway houses, are safe, substance-free, supportive living facilities for those recovering from substance abuse. Ideal for those who’ve just been through inpatient or outpatient treatment, SLHs are supervised environments with rules that support sobriety, such as curfews, shared chores, and therapeutic meetings.

Each Monday the residents gather to discuss chores and house needs — but the meetings also provide an opportunity to talk about coping with addiction and independent living. In the wake of the Safe Haven disclosures in 2007, then State Sen. Dianne Wilkerson called on then Probation Commissioner John J. O’Brien to stop releasing state prisoners to sober homes. However, Probation spokeswoman Coria Holland said recently that the department had never ordered such a halt.

But for all their importance in an addict’s journey to recovery, sober house operate largely unregulated, in part because they don’t provide any medical services, they’re just residential homes. Sober houses are places where addicts can continue their recovery after completing formal medical treatment. Falmouth has one of the highest number of these homes per capita of any town in Massachusetts, in part due to the presence of the addiction treatment center Gosnold. Massachusetts is not the only state that has wrestled with the operation of sober homes in recent years.

  • The project was funded in part by $275,000 in State and Federal grants, including $200,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • We were founded jointly by Vanderburgh House, an operator of sober houses in Massachusetts, and Vanderburgh Communities, an organization supporting sober living and recovery home operators.
  • Currently, the only control over these homes is the city of Boston’s Building Code, which sets out how much space such homes need to maintain to accommodate their having numerous unrelated people living under one roof.
  • The need for sober homes is driven by people coming out of the treatment system who have struggled with finding safe, affordable housing, says DiGravio.
  • Sober homes, on the other hand, are not licensed or funded by the state.